On Farm Water Storage
A Regional Circularity Cooperative Flagship project seeking, to capture a small percentage of high stream flows during flood events for agricultural use during dry periods, improving agricultural resilience, reducing pressure on low stream flows and improving biodiversity through landscape hydration. A mechanism for licencing approval has been secured through the Water Sharing Plan process, funding still required to support on farm infrastructure investment.   ​

Drought Preparedness
A knowledge broker position has been secured through the NSW Drought Hub to support drought preparedness initiatives on the south coast. The one year role will be advertised in the near future. ​

Koala Habitat Enhancement 
The Regional Circularity Cooperative is working with NSW DPE on a project to protect and enhance koala habitat in the Murrah region. A project is being developed to improve approximately 60ha of high value habitat.​

Farm Forestry 
The Regional Circularity Cooperative is working with the Southern Forestry Hub to explore opportunities for farm forestry in the Bega Valley with the aim of providing alternate income for landholders, improving biodiversity and securing future timber resources. ​

Silage wrap recycling 
The Regional Circularity Cooperative is working with the PACT Group to identify options for silage wrap recycling in the Bega Valley.​

For more information contact Melissa Balas, Bega Group, 0408 669637 or ​
Andrew Taylor, Regional Circularity Co-operative Limited 0428 419 679