Foundation Members

Our foundation membership includes large businesses, corporates, financial institutions, local council, universities and research organisations. The foundation members bring to the co-operative significant knowledge, resources and network which will assist in accelerating identified circularity projects in the region. The foundation members will have the opportunity to collaborate, share knowledge and have access to the outcomes of the project work much of which will be applicable in their organisations, other regions throughout Australia and around the world.

Foundation members include;
Bega Group
University of Wollongong
Bega Valley Shire Council
Fisheries Research and Development Corporation
Charles Sturt University
Pact Group
Australian Agricultural Company
South East NSW Forestry Hub

Community Members

Community memberships are open to all. Community members will have the opportunity to network will all members of the circularity co-operative to accelerate circularity projects and gain knowledge and understanding of projects and initiatives that may be beneficial to them.   We expect that the circularity co-operative will be in a position to provide extension services, training programs, support and facilitation of government programs and grants and access to the outcomes of circularity projects.

Community members will be invited to circularity events and networking opportunities to ensure that knowledge is shared and collaboration between members is maximised.

Community members include;
Small business
Community organisations
Tourism operators