Bega Group is investing in the building of the Centre for Circularity as well as providing co-investment in both the Co-operative establishment and projects, alongside pro bono resources.

AACo is the largest agricultural landholders and is heavily committed to methane reduction. It is engaged in the BCV program to collaborate around livestock emissions and circularity opportunities.

nbn are committed to enabling regional Australia to participate in the digital future through the provision of broadband connection and digital planning tools. Nbn are a foundational member of the Regional Circularity Cooperative and focused on the role of data and instrumentation of the landscape to improve resource use.

The University of Wollongong is a proud foundation member of the Bega Valley Circularity Co-op, having supported the region for over 20 years through its regional Bega The University of Wollongong founded the Bega Valley Innovation Hub and will provide Start-up support and education, SMART Infrastructure innovation and global Research expertise (e.g. energy generation/storage, water sustainability, environmental engineering, spatial geotechnics and social planning towards a Circular Bega Valley.

BVSC will support projects aligning with its priorities, development of the accelerator program, support the creation of the natural capital investment fund and support pilot programs.

CSU will participate to projects, provide research insights, support the accelerator program, promote the program and collaborate on the waste to energy, alternative animal feed development, soil carbon and use of marine by-products and socio economic modelling.

Rabobank, as a global Food and Agriculture bank, contributes to the Bega Circular Valley project with active and pro bono support. Our dedicated Circularity team has representation from our global and local Commercial, Research, Innovation and Sustainability teams to support the submission. Rabobank will be committed to the Bega Circular Valley Co-operative structure and will support selective project streams by providing access to finance, knowledge and networks.

KPMG provides probono support to the development of the Bega Circular Valley program and projects, and will support as implementation partner, drawing on its global knowledge, insights and expertise in Circularity, Digital and Natural Capital.

Addisons has provided pro bono legal services in relation to the establishment of Regional Circularity Co-operative Limited and other aspects of the Bega Circular Valley Program. Addisons will continue to support the Co-operative as it implements its vision to encourage environmental sustainability, economic resilience, and biodiversity through the adoption of circular economic principles.

The Bega Circular Valley project is a true partnership between local, regional and global stakeholders and represents real action and tangible economic and sustainable outcomes in an unique holistic approach. It is an exciting project, builds on the strong fundamentals of the Bega Valley and fits perfectly with Rabobank’s mission to ‘Growing a Better world together’. We are proud to be part of it.

Karin van Selm
Head of Banking4Food Europe and Africa | Rabobank Wholesale

We believe how you grow matters. The benefits of this circularity initiative is not limited to the Bega Valley Shire. It can create a blueprint for positive impact to inspire other regional communities in Australia and has the hallmarks of a systems game-changer.

Ben van Delden
Partner | Climate & Engineering
Co-Lead, Agrifood Transformation & Circularity
Deloitte Consulting

Bringing together many local opportunities in this partnership will build a sustainable and dynamic future for the Shire and is timely and exciting. Bega Valley Circular builds on and adds value to work Council is doing in waste, procurement, water, and climate resilience; supports learning, research and development; empowers local businesses to think outside the box; it reaches across all sectors of our economy providing opportunity to challenge, rebuild ,and recover -building a new resilient future focussed economy.

Leanne Barnes OAM