Regional Circularity Co-operative Limited is a non-distributing co-operative registered in New South Wales under the Co-operatives National Law. As a non-distributing co-operative, it is prevented by its Rules from distributing any profits it earns to its members. This is consistent the not-for-profit nature of the co-operative and its public benefit aspirations, as reflected in the following primary activities of the co-operative which are set out in its Rules:

(a) to formulate, promote and implement programs and initiatives relating to Circular Economies in the Bega Valley Shire and other geographic regions approved by the Board from time to time;

(b) to collaborate with governments, universities and other bodies or individuals in relation to the formulation, promotion and implementation of programs and initiatives relating to Circular Economies; and

(c) establish the co-operative as a thought leader and information resource in connection with the principles of Circular Economies and the implementation of programs and initiatives to establish and promote Circular Economies.

There are two categories of members in the Co-operative, foundation members and community members. Foundation members are identified by the board of directors on the basis that their contribution to the Co-operative is of fundamental importance to its primary activities. Typically, foundation members comprise large companies or institutions who are in a position to pay the higher entry and annual fees applicable to them. Community members is a broader category of participants and supporters of the Co-operative’s aims.

The current entry and annual fees payable by members is as follows;
Foundation members – $10,000
Community members – $200

Annual subscriptions
Foundation members – $2,000
Community members – $200

All membership applications are subject to approval by the board.

The business and activities of the Co-operative are managed by or under the direction of the board of directors. The board comprises not less than 3 and up to 6 directors, which will include at least 2 foundation member directors (who are nominated by foundation members) with the balance of the directors being other members or up to 2 independent directors.

Further details of the Co-operative, including the Board of Directors, are set out in the Rules of the Co-operative, Click Here.

Application for Membership Form – Click Here