This program has been piloted in the Bega Valley by DPI NSW, with the support of the Regional Circularity Co-operative’s Bega Circular Valley initiative and the Bega Group.​

​Global markets are driving change in agriculture due to increasing focus on the carbon footprint of agricultural products.  A Farm Carbon Management Plan is a first step for NSW farmers – it is a comprehensive guide that estimates a farmers’ current carbon footprint and suggests potential pathways to decrease or avoid emissions and/or increase carbon sequestration.  Each Farm Carbon Management Plan is specific to the individual business, taking into consideration the enterprise, infrastructure, land, soil types and remnant vegetation.  This plan is designed to support on farm decision making when considering carbon farming on your property.​

​The On Farm Carbon Advice Project is a joint initiative between NSW Department of Primary Industries and the Office of Energy & Climate Change funded by Primary Industries Productivity and Abatement Program (PIPAP)​
​For more information contact: Lisa McFadyen NSW DPI 0447 023 628​
Or Melissa Balas Bega Group 0408 669637.​

Regional Carbon Forum Bega

On Farm Carbon Plans pdf – Click Here