The Farming Forecaster tool is being extended into the Bega Valley though a partnership facilitated by the Regional Circularity Cooperative between the NSW South East Local Land Service (LLS) and the Bega Group.​

​The Farming Forecaster uses data  from local on farm soil moisture probes and weather stations, along with CSIRO’s farm simulation modelling tool Grass Gro, to create real-time updates of pasture conditions and forecasts up to four months ahead. With this data livestock producers can make informed decisions regarding stocking rates and destocking timing during dry periods.​

​In the coming months five soil moisture probes with weather stations will be installed on livestock farms across the Bega Valley with funding support from LLS and the Bega Group.​

For more information contact Tamara Corby LLS 0408 536 583 or ​
Melissa Balas Bega Group 0408 669637​

Improving Drought Resilience pdf – Click Here