The Regional Circularity Co-operative Limited – Bega Circular Valley Initiative has facilitated a partnership between the Bega Group and the Great Eastern (GER) to support improved native vegetation connectivity in the Bega Valley.   

The program forms part of the Glideways, Flyways and Stepping Stones project – a partnership between Great Eastern Ranges and WIRES to assist the post-fire recovery of wildlife.  In the Bega Valley, this will involve undertaking activities such as fencing and revegetation of five important conservation sites on private land to enhance connectivity and increase biodiversity. Native species that will benefit from the work include but are not limited to koalas, greater gliders, spotted-tail quolls, masked owl and grey-headed flying-foxes. 

Revegetation project in the Bega Valley
Thermal Imagery monitoring

For more information contact Melissa Balas Bega Group 0408 669 637 or ​
James O’Connor GER 0437 740 660

Enhancing Biodiversity Connectivity pdf – Click Here