Bega Smart Local Food and Logistics Program


The complexity of food systems requires a holistic and co-ordinated approach. To develop more resilient food systems that support a vibrant and sustainable local economy and environment, agricultural producers need to be profitable. This Future Food System program will develop a strategy and activation program basedon circularity concepts to achieve local job creation, improved logistics networks, integrated digital Ag technologies, optimal nature positiveproduction, increased resilience and reduced food/resource waste.




The program will bolster the passion and strength ofplanned and existing local initiatives ensuring synergies that will amplify collective outcomes:

  • Local Economy – Improved farm gate returns and increased employment through new approaches to farming, agricultural processing, marketing and distribution. Promoting provenance, future proof farming and uniqueness of the Bega region incorporating a “Hack Farm” and Circularity Education Centre.
  • Logistics – Smartlogistics network supporting regional and national market access, decreased footprint involving the participation of logistics and distribution partners and infrastructure planners.
  • Technology – Empowered by locally driven technology pathway targeting smart yet low cost technology solutions with locally demonstrated value and effectiveness allowing access to low threshold technology to increase productivity for farmers and small businesses.
  • Education & Tourism – Valuable research opportunities for local Universities i.e. Charles Sturt University and the University of Wollongong. Study tour facilities for primary and secondary schools aligned with the STEM curriculum. Promoting the Bega region as a Eco-Tourism destination.
  • Waste – Smart food & resource waste/surplus solutions

Available grants/funding

Kick off with Rabobank powered Circular Food Valley Forum 2021 in the Bega Valley to share the vision and mobilize the stakeholders.

Potential partnerships/investors

SCPA South East Producers, 2PiSoftware, Bega Cheese, KPMG, Rabobank, local farmers/networks, technology entrepreneurs, Government, Logistics, Universities, local schools.


Waste generation/




Energy/GHG emissions

Animal Feed

Packaging & Logistics

Animal Care

Aged Care

Rural economy/