Bega Biodiversity and Carbon Trading Scheme


Around 75% of the Bega Valley Shire has conservation values, with significant potential for carbon and biodiversity credits. Inaddition, agricultural land has the potentialfor on-farm carbon sequestration and biodiversity projects. Building economic and market systems that can support this long term stewardship provides a foundation for investment in effective environmental sustainability. This project aims to support effective governance and administration of a Shire-wide biodiversity and carbon trading program.




  • Local Economy – Establishment of alternative income streams for farmers, other landholders and Indigenous land management bodies. The opportunity to market local produce under a local biodiversity assurance scheme. Introduction of high skilled employment to the region resourcing the Carbon Desk.
  • Productivity – Higher land and agricultural productivity through regenerative practices. Increased resilience of soils, biodiversity benefits and forest recovery.
  • Regional Economies – Creates the opportunity for farmers and landholders from other regions to access the benefits of the specialised carbon desk which will include revenue opportunities, expertise and education services.
  • Education & Awareness – Fast track the development, education and uptake of carbon and biodiversity projects. Contributing to moving carbon trading from a volatile and immature market to a stable and transparent market.
  • Technology – Comprehensive data sets and audit mechanisms of local biodiversity and carbon banks that can link to State, Federal and international biodiversity and carbon programs.
  • Carbon neutrality – Support international, national and industry emissions targets. Governance framework to support assurance, trading, monitoring and reporting for investing partners and agencies.

Available grants/funding

Corporates (offsetting), Government (e.g. Federal CF announcement),

Potential partnerships/investors

BCV Co-op, Rabobank, KPMG, Biodiversity Conservation Trust, carbon markets, Land to Market, farmers, LALCs, Forestry lands


Waste generation/




Energy/GHG emissions

Animal Feed

Packaging & Logistics

Animal Care

Aged Care

Rural economy/