The Centre for Circularity will be a discovery centre and tourist destination located on the northern access to Bega township. The facility will be the public face of the Bega Circular Valley, showcasing local products, programs, technology use and community history, connecting the past to the future. It will incorporate a visitors’ centre, a local providore, AgTech and business innovation hub, Indigenous cultural information and become the home of the circular economy concept. It could also incorporate R&D and training opportunities.

Bega Cheese has set aside land for the site and plans are being developed to reflect the valuable inputs gained from the National Design Challenge run by Australian Design Council on the purpose and use of the Centre for Circularity.

The centre will showcase circularity in practice, through a design and build that includes recycled and locally sourced materials, educating through a sense of place.

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National Circularity Centre


  • Local Economy & Community – It will enable the local community and visitors to the region to experience firsthand the fruits of a Valley transforming into a circular economy.
  • Education & Tourism – The Centre for Circularity will showcase the vision, pathway and technology used in the transformation. Additionally, it will highlight AgTech, business innovation and the capabilities of the Valley in a circular economy context. It will create a base for extension officers from Drought Resilience Hub and RDCs to provide access to knowledge from these connected networks.
  • Regional Australia – The hub will inspire others to undertake and participate in the journey.

Current Investors and Partners

  • Department of Regional NSW
  • Bega Group
  • Deloitte
  • Cox Architecture

Future Investors and Partners

Regional Circularity Co-operative is exploring further funding opportunities. If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact


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